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Ockley Green from Stane Street.

© Dick Thomas 2014

© Dick Thomas 2014

© Dick Thomas 2014

What the Parish Council does

Ockley is a vibrant village between Dorking and Horsham on the Surrey / Sussex borders nestling in the shadow of Leith Hill - the highest point in South East England.

Ockley Parish Council is here to represent the interests of the local Ockley community and to maintain the quality of life of our residents. Parish councils are the grass-roots tier of local government - not to be confused with church councils and ecclesiastical parishes. They have a range of powers and duties, which must be used for the benefit of the parish as a whole and include matters such as planning applications and highways.

Previously Ockley Parish Council has successfully campaigned on the community’s behalf to reduce the speed limit on Stane Street to 30mph; to help develop affordable housing such as Prideaux Gardens; to act as a catalyst for some action groups such as speedwatch and the maintenance team; and to help maintain notice boards, the play area, the old milestone and the pump. The council also operates as an avenue to promote solutions for local issues such as potholes, drainage and occasionally, planning.

Parish councils really ‘exist’ only for the duration of their council meetings, in the sense that decisions can be made only during these meetings. In the gaps between, individual parish councillors might give their own personal view on any matter, but they may not present their own opinion as ‘the view of the parish council’.

SCC - Community Recycling Centres

A message from SCC Waste Operations Group Manager

Closure of Coles Lane as from Wednesday 21 November 2018

Please see attached regarding closure of Coles Lane whilst SCC carry out carriageway surfacing works.

The start date has been changed to Wednesday 21 November 2018.

Parish Magazine article November 2018

News from the September meeting is attached