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MVDC Review of polling districts and polling places in the MV district

MVDC reviews its polling districts, polling places and polling stations every five years to ensure that they meet accessibility needs for voters including those with disabilities.

We are currently reviewing the polling districts and polling places used during elections. The official Notice of Review is available below.

The principles underlying the Council's approach to polling districts and polling places are:

Surrey Police Fraud Newsletter July 2019

Read this Newsletter for advice on:

*  how to beat 'phishing' messages and calls and

*  how to keep your money safe

Freedom of Information Act 2000

Information available from Ockley Parish Council under the Model Publication Scheme

Hang Up On Fraud

Code of Conduct

BHF Heartstart Courses

Please contact us if you would be interested in participating in a FREE 2 hour training course that teaches basic Emergency Life support skills.The aim is to give people the necessary skills and confidence to deal with emergencies that they may well come across either at home, in the work place or whilst out and about in the community.  

Neighbourhood Development Plan Status – March 2014

A summary of the progress to made to date with some of the key results from the Survey conducted in 2012