I am about to ask Iain Gutteridge to design a website extension to the OPC website to provide a window on the NDP world for our residents. I am intending this to be relatively simple

There will be four sections

  1. Background
  2. Glossary
  3. News
  4. Document Library

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The section on Background will not change (or at least not much) but will provide a section on what an NDP is and why we are doing it.
The Glossary is where we can provide an explanation of different terms and concepts that might be used but may not be fully understood by the public (such as affordable housing, rural exception sites, CIL, etc.).
The section on News will provide a series of blogs on where we have got to and what everyone is doing – idea is to update this blog every week or two.
The Document Library will include all the documents that we are using such as Registration, Maps, Character Appraisal, Survey, Vision. The idea is that as we move forward this will become the Examination Document Library that will be used for the reg 14 consultation, the submission to MVDC and eventually the examiner.

I hope this is a useful review of actions being taken. Your comments will of course be welcome.